Euclid, fractals and flow geometry

While fractal geometry takes us beyond Euclid, it falls short in explaining some phenomena; thinking in terms of energy flow forms in receptive space helps our understanding the natural universe and to reveal some of its secrets.

Place-Time: The Flow-Geometry of Space
"Here we show how a radical involution in conventional mathematical and physical perceptions of reality can be brought about by regarding natural form as comprising energetically surfaced cavities of space, instead of local points of mass surrounded by space.  This involution provides a new way of understanding gravitational influence ‘at a distance’ and reconciling particle and field theories of matter. It enables evolutionary processes of all kinds to be understood in terms of ‘natural inclusion’ – the co-creative, fluid-dynamic transformation of all through all in receptive spatial context. All form is understood as ‘flow-form’, an energetic inclusion of omnipresent intangible space within, throughout and beyond dynamic figural boundaries."


How we think plays a significant role in shaping our world view and we should not be limited to abstract rationality but think in terms of the mutual interdependence of space, time and energy. ie. Natural Inclusion.

Update: Alan has provided a brief glossary of terminology related to Natural Inclusion.

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