Free energy when?

Daily Pickings sometimes refers to the work of Nikola Tesla and the prospect of free energy but the goal remains somewhat distant not least because of vested interests burying his ideas for decades.

Current energy generation technology is very wasteful and Tesla had some innovative designs which have been pioneered in the US. Now India has come to the fore as a supporter of the concept of free energy.

India permits free energy technology despite threat from UK, US, Saudi Arabia by Toby Grotz
Tewari has built reactionless generators that operate at over-unity efficiency, thereby showing physicists have been wrong about the nature of space for 110 years and he has shown that space is the source of energy for the generation of basic forms of energy.

Tewari is not alone in challenging Newtonian physics but until we open up this important discussion, we will continue to make unwise and potentially disastrous choices in generating energy. Existential threats from the Fukushima nuclear disaster continue to emerge.

Japan Finally Admits The Truth: “Right Now, We Have An Emergency At Fukushima” by Jeffrey Phillips
Tepco is struggling to contain the highly radioactive water that is seeping into the ocean near Fukushima. The head of Japan’s NRA, Shinji Kinjo exclaimed, “right now, we have an emergency,” as he noted the contaminated groundwater has breached an underground barrier and is rising toward the surface – exceeding the limits of radioactive discharge.

The essentials of life are water, food and energy. Daily Pickings recently referred to novel technology for alternative, self-sustaining, living spaces which could fulfill many of our needs. When combined with new approaches to energy generation, we have essential building blocks to transform our lives and our environment.

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