Behind the smokescreen of Panama

In the febrile atmosphere of the Panama Papers PSYOP, we need to be vigilant; what is happening under our noses while we look the other way? In the UK, the sell-off of the Land Registry is slipping through amid the diversion; ironically, this article is in the Guardian, one of the main outlets for the Panama PSYOP.

Land Registry faces privatisation by Heather Stewart, Hilary Osborne and Rowena Mason
Government agency that documents ownership of land and property across England and Wales to be sold off after 150 years as state institution

A far bigger problem are so called free trade agreements which are little to do with trade but are weapons of wealth extraction and oppression. Food safety standards are under constant attack around the globe and, like the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will undermine food safety across Europe.

Following Breadcrumbs: TPP Text Provides Clues to U.S. Positions in TTIP by Karen Hansen-Kuhn
This paper focuses on TPP provisions not included in previous trade agreements that could affect food and farm systems in Europe if they were adopted in TTIP:
-     rules on food safety that redefine the science behind the standards
-     new challenges for enforcement of food safety rules
-     provisions that create pressure to accept GMO imports
-     restrictions on food labeling
-     challenges to local food names
-     a built-in agenda for future changes

These trade agreements not only attack food, health and environmental standards but have a chilling affect on democracy (such as it exists).

New Analysis Shows 'Frivolous' Corporate Sovereignty Suits Increasingly Used To Deter Regulation Rather Than Win Compensation by Glyn Moody
    Why would investors continue to file these highly costly cases, if the expected success rate is so low?
In fact, things turn out to be even more mysterious:
    Current estimates actually overstate investors' success rates, especially when it comes to specific types of legal claims. What is more, this rate of success has been dropping precipitously over time -- the exact opposite trend to the one we observe in inter-state disputes in the trade regime over the same period.

Sounds of disquiet are even heard from arch proponents of free trade.

Yes, I believe in free trade. But here’s why we must protect our NHS from TTIP by Peter Lilley

In the meantime, the inexorable march to one world government continues not least with David Cameron spending £9 million of UK government money, on a leaflet to be distributed to every household, to promote remaining in the EU while attempting to frighten the bejesus out of any waiverers teetering towards the BREXIT camp.

BBC Bias, Brexit, the EU, Bilderberg and Global Government by Steven MacMillan
One the most pivotal speeches that Cameron has made on the EU in recent months, was not given at the House of Commons, but at the shadow British government: the Royal Institute of International Affairs (or Chatham House). The executive body of the EU – the European Commission – is a corporate partner of Chatham House. The majority of the major political figures in the West support Britain staying in the EU, including Barack Obama, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. This is because the EU is far more than just a union in Europe; it’s a stepping stone towards global government.

The elevated cattle are shepherding humanity into slavery, it is time for the rest of us to make their task impossible - withdraw consent.

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