The Trivium and empire

To understand today's world of geo and domestic politics, we need to understand history. Much of Critical Thinking's research has involved analysing the course of historical events and actions to explain the structure of the political economy. What emerges is that those in power today are descended, in the main, from the architects of empire, mainly but not exclusively Anglo-American. The global Structural Elite has its origins in monarchy, banking and industrial dynasties but started to come together in the early 20th century under the hand of Cecil Rhodes, backed by the Rothschilds, together with others who embraced his mission to create Anglo-American empire.

Education is the foundation of empire. Today's compulsory education emerged from the same ideology that unified Germany in the 19th century and built on foundations laid by the Greeks and Romans, the Trivium: grammar, rhetoric and logic. Richard Grove talks to Kevin Cole and Brett Veinotte about these developments and their relevance to the world in which we live today. It is a long discussion but engaging throughout.

The talk refers to Kevin Cole's articles:

The  Ideal Arrangement of Rhodes and the Organic Unity of the Empire by Kevin Cole

The  Trivium and Empire: John Robert Seeley, Cecil Rhodes and the Birth of the  English Trivium Method by Kevin Cole

The discussion also makes frequent reference to John Taylor Gatto's The Ultimate History Lesson which is invaluable.

Richard Grove's website, Tragedy and Hope, is a treasure trove of historical research and analysis.

If you sometimes despair at people's inability to look beyond the narrative presented by distorted media or slip into pessimism, you may find this useful:

Is Humanity F*CKED?! 5 Facts to Make You an Optimist by Humberto Braga
... it can be easy to fall in to despair. But I always remind myself of the following facts when I get upset and it always fills me up with an infallible optimism, conviction, love, and purpose. I hope they bring you light when things seem dark, and uplift your spirits when the world gets heavy.

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