Playing God

A little noticed story in the LA times revealed what those prepared to speak out have known for years: that there is the capability and the will to manipulate the weather.

L.A. officials seeded clouds during El Niño storm in hopes of more rain
Clouds over Los Angeles County were seeded with silver iodide to increase the amount of rainfall during Monday's storm, marking the first cloud seeding done by the Department of Public Works since 2002.
Los Angeles County has used cloud seeding to boost water supplies since the 1950s, backing off in times of heavy rain or when wildfire devastation creates an outsized risk of flooding or debris flows.

That cloud seeding, though spraying aerosols containing heavy metals into the atmosphere, is used to provoke rainfall suggests that much of the abnormal rainfall leading flooding may, in fact, be deliberately induced to perpetuate the myth of man-made global warming or "climate change".

Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change by Prof. Robert M. Carter - James Cook University, Queensland, Australia and Global
(Typographically, the replacement of the "°" sign with a "0" makes it look as though the article refers to temperature rises of 60 and 20 degrees - it actually is referring to an unsubstantiated prediction of global temperatures rising by 6 degrees and the stated ambition to limit the rise to 2 degrees.)

Daily Pickings has referred to chemtrails which are one physical manifestation of mass geoengineering projects conducted in plain sight. While the objectives of these programs may be many and various, the climate change agenda is peppered with massive financial incentives for the illusion to be perpetuated.

And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle… by James Corbett
Quick: what’s the first thing you remember about the climate conference in Paris last December?
The weather astrologers’ absurd resolution to control the amount of temperature rise the world will experience over the next century?

So what's the bigger threat, the failed predictions of man-made global warming or playing God with the weather?


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