Ideology, change and Brexit

Before we can understand what's really going on in the world, we have to strip away ideology which blinds us to truth. As Slavoj Zizek explains in the opening scenes of The Pervert's Guide to Ideology, we need to put on the magic glasses to reveal what's behind ideology.

Ideology not only obscures the truth but divides us and creates conflict by feeding competitive egos which have evolved through a lifetime's indoctrination, typically along political, ethnic and class divides and other classifications. As long as we remain bewitched by ideology, our minds remain closed not only to reality but to new, exciting possibilities. Our cherished beliefs are our biggest obstacles to change while our egos and status are massaged by a belief that "only we" have the answers and that everyone else is blind, stupid or have some sinister agenda to undermine us and "our truth".

In reality, no one person or group of people have the answer but collectively, through collaboration and co-creation, we can develop an understanding of the political economy and lay the foundations for a resilient, fair and healthy future. But first we need to abandon the notion that there is a single magic bullet. There are principles which must be adhered to in order to eliminate/avoid the catastrophes of the current system but how those principles are applied needs to evolve organically, bottom up, as in nature, ie. conforming with natural laws.

Which brings us to Brexit. There are many protections offered by membership of the European Union (EU) which act as a brake on the excesses of authoritarian governments but those authoritarian tendencies have now taken firm root in Europe. For example, trade agreements are being imposed by stealth and will strip away sovereign power, not just from individual nations, but from the EU itself; the EU already is hardly a model of democracy.

In so far as the EU was always intended as a stepping stone to one world government, we should be wary of recommitting to it. Furthermore, the way we are going to avoid collapse is through devolution of power to people, families and communities; Britain should get out of the EU.

Britain's exit may create the opportunity for other European nations to recover democratic control, at least to national governments. We then need to go beyond Brexit, to dismantle the corrupt, national, hierarchical institutions, controlled by the Structural Elite, to create an alternative, non-hierarchical, self-managing political economy which fosters collaboration locally, regionally, nationally and globally, people to people. We have the means, we just need the will to open our minds to new possibilities.


Brexit will provide lots of ideological fodder to distract and divide - we should not succumb to the distraction but remain focused on what matters: reducing the power of the Structural Elite by withdrawing consent and creating new beginnings within, families, communities and beyond.

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