How to win friends and influence people

Bill Gates has achieved near sainthood status but do his past achievements or current activities warrant such adulation and respect? - the facts suggest not.


What is not in doubt is Gates' arrival at the top table among the Structural Elite, aided by his ancestry and nepotistic connections which secured the sweetheart deal to license MS-DOS to IBM for its new PC, launched in 1984. No, he didn't "invent" MS-DOS but conned the inventor out of the rights to it for $50,000. Similarly, he stole the idea of Windows from Steve Jobs who had already appropriated it from Xerox corporation; Gates was canny enough to tie up the legal framework to exploit it, in spite of Apple getting there first.

The most sinister part of the Gates' myth is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is a front for eugenics (Gates comes from a family of eugenicists). A few weeks ago, Daily Pickings referred to Gates' predilection for vaccines as a means of population control, in relation to the Zika virus hoax. When considered in the context of the 1992 UNCED meeting in which Maurice Strong, Edmond de Rothschild and David Rockefeller announced their plans for a "world wilderness" as a playground for the Structural Elite, more pieces of the jigsaw are seen to be falling into place.

There is only one way to avoid the implementation of a one world government, in which what remains of humanity becomes a subservient sub-class to the Structural Elite - take away their power by removing the fundamental flaws in the political economy.


And here is the "how":

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