Education matters

Education today is both a blessing and a curse. Within the education system are teachers who apply ingenuity, imagination and love into their work guiding students but they are working within a system which is designed to stifle individuality and creativity. The education system increasingly is driven by the same economic imperatives as taint every aspect of modern life. So what are young people to do when faced with the choice of whether to enslave themselves in debt for a piece of paper which is supposedly a passport to "success" in life?

"The Big Decision" explores America's system of college education. Why do most students enrol? How can the problem of student debt be solved? And in what ways can alternatives to college, such as trade schools, be promoted?

Induced ignorance starts at school and continues throughout life; academia has been hijacked by the same forces as most other aspects of society. Endowments from the rich and powerful determine the priorities of leading universities; the Structural Elite agenda drives academia and is seldom challenged.

Education is where the battle for our future begins and it is in all our interests to help children and adults look beyond conventional education for enlightenment. Home schooling and community educational projects can form the foundation of wisdom and understanding to prepare us all for life in the 21st century; the current education system is preparing students for a world of work which is fast disappearing. The video exposes a revealing statistic - half of degree holders in the US are doing jobs that don't require a degree. In addition, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics mean that humans are increasingly superfluous to production and services. A different economy is emerging in which employment must be disconnected from the means to life.

So whether you're an adult or child, educate yourself independently of the system and learn to think critically; our future depends on it.

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