Interlocking power structures

Daily Pickings often references the 2011, study published in the NewScientist, which reveals the extraordinary concentration of transnational corporate power. is an open database of corporate holdings exposing the power of banks and how far their tentacles reach.

Years earlier, in the late 20th century, Mark Lombardi was exposing connections between politics, corporations, organised crime and terrorist networks; his forensic analysis of the CIA's money-laundering bank, BCCI, eclipsed the "official" enquiries into BCCI's collapse.

"He had a solo exhibit in Houston. And the amazing thing about these drawings was that they answered a lot of the questions that John Kerry’s Senate Investigating Committee on BCCI which was winding down at about the same time that Mark was turning out his work, he answered questions that if you read the Kerry committee report they said they didn’t have the time or the resources to pursue. And he was this artist sitting on the floor of a tiny studio in Houston pursuing them."

Mark Lombardi died in suspicious circumstances in the year George W Bush was first elected US president, 2000.

Many of his innovative works or "interlocks" are viewable here and here.


The Mysterious Death of an Artist Whose Drawings Were Too Revealing
A story of banking, organized crime, intelligence, petrodollars and politics...all seen through the lens of innovative Art.

According to his biographer, Patricia Goldstone, Mark Lombardi was pretty "equal opportunity in his finger pointing", exposing the nefarious connections of both the Bushes and Clintons.

It is work like Lomabardi's which reveals the source of our problems in the political economy, concentrated power, an inevitable consequence of hierarchy. Only dissolution of hierarchy will create a free and just political economy.

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