Paranoia or are they out to get you?

At the UNCED conference in 1992, Edmond de Rothschild, David Rockefeller and Maurice Strong announce the creation of a Rothschild controlled International Conservation Bank and a global agreement to limit carbon emissions - fixing the science came later - to create a "world wilderness" under a "second world Marshall plan" and global currency. Strong refers to the vision of Cecil Rhodes while Edmond de Rothschild describes "indigenous people and wildlife" as problems. One of the speakers characterises the environmental movement as "cannon fodder".

In this whistleblower video, George Hunt exposes plans to eliminate rich countries to create a fourth world - a global wilderness for the Structural Elite (don't be put off by the title - Hunt doesn't mention Illuminati).

As Seany commented on the YouTube video page: "it pains me to think that almost everyone would have thought him eccentric or a conspiracy theorist back then. It took me a couple years or more of constantly studying the Freemasons first then other groups to understand what's going on. Too bad more people didn't have the internet back then, in 1992."

Norman Dodd, Congressional Investigator of Tax Exempt Foundations, interviewed in 1982, reveals global banking families' ambition to create a "worldwide collective estate" - presumably for their exclusive  benefit.

Those marching for "climate" today are the cannon fodder of the Rothschild led Structural Elite, aided and abetted by the Rockefeller controlled World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and elevated cattle such as Maurice Strong and Michael Sweetman.

There is no scientific basis for alarm and no physical manifestation of human-induced climate change; the climate models fail to replicate the past, let alone predict the future. The statistical trend for global temperatures since the end of the Little Ice Age is effectively zero because of the margin for error but even if accurate, it's less than 1ºC and significantly below the peaks of the Medieval Warm Period when Greenland had a thriving population (c.1000-1450AD).


If a global agreement on carbon emissions is signed this week in Paris, nations will sign over what little sovereignty they have left to a one world government for the Rothschilds and the Structural Elite to implement their vision for a world wilderness. The cannon fodder are marching in cities around the globe demanding action. Is this wise?

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