Paris - pivot point

No, this is not about Friday's attacks in Paris which Daily Pickings referred to over the last couple of days; more items of detail and news have emerged since which add to the sense that this was a false flag attack.

But there is another false flag brewing of a quite different magnitude and the COP21 meeting in Paris, at the end of this month, is where the fate of humanity could be decided. No, not because failure to act over CO2 will lead to climate disaster (CO2 is the false flag) but because failure to reach a deal in Paris will avert or at least delay disaster. Agenda 30 and the "Global Goals" are not what they seem, nor is the proposed binding agreement on climate change; together they will create the legal/governance framework to enslave humanity and colonise essential resources for the exclusive benefit the Structural Elite.

Climate activists are wont to point to "big oil" and "dirty coal" as funding "climate sceptics" but what is never questioned are the $billions (and the prize is potentially the world) committed to proving and promoting the myth that CO2 emissions are leading to catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW). Corbett's discussion with Patrick Wood of exposes the real agenda - to drive down the value of all oil and coal assets. Once they are at rock bottom, they will be placed in a "global trust" controlled by whom? The Structural Elite.

Think about this: the US currently derives 67% of its energy from oil and coal; 90% of the inputs to food production in the UK is oil; the Structural Elite already control much of the food supply through the likes of Monsanto and Cargill (control food and energy and you control humanity); elimination of physical cash in favour of digital currency only will leave no room for dissent - comply or die.

The true extent of the lack of consensus within the climate science community is never revealed and much contradictory data is suppressed, ignored or distorted. The only way you can know that CO2 is not the driver is climate change is to look for yourself at information seldom featured in media.

The "planet savers" clamouring for action in Paris this month are turkeys voting for Christmas.

Let's hope the talks collapse - it's the only hope for humanity.

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