How we think

Critical Thinking has been studying the emergence of hierarchy and the factors driving it (see Hierarchy and the Political Economy) - our work, until recently, focused on how hierarchy works and its effects. Lately, we've been exploring thought/thinking itself and how our current mode of (hierarchical) thinking has trapped us in a limiting paradigm.

This RSA Animate video, from Iain McGilchrist, explains that our "right" brain thinking has been progressively suppressed in favour analytical, logical, Abstract Rationality (AR) or "left" brain thinking (left/right is a convenient simplification but technically inaccurate).

Daily Pickings referred to the work of Alan Rayner who has developed the concept of Natural Inclusion, the language and psychology of which is a challenge, not least,  because of this "left" brain bias. In addition to this video we recommend Giles Hitchins' The Illusion of Separation, both of which will get you to the threshold of Natural Inclusion (NI). What NI has to offer has yet to be understood but the way we think determines so much of what happens in the world; NI must be worthy of in-depth study.


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