Strong Cities and Global Goals

Last Sunday, Daily Pickings suggested Agenda 30 is a cynical plan to persuade us to embrace our own enslavement and oppression. There is no substance to the "Global Goals" proposals, merely warm, fuzzy ideas which most people will regard as aspirational and admirable but the deal is: "sign up to this and get everyone you know to listen to celebrity pied pipers who exhort us to embrace "ending poverty, sustainability etc." - but don't worry about the how; we, the leaders (elevated cattle) will make it happen."

James Corbett talks to Clyde Lewis about the real agenda behind "Global Goals"

Interview 1097 – Ground Zero: Strong Cities and Global Goals
Topics discussed include the Strong Cities initiative and the UN Global Goals, the future of policing and autonomous weapons.

Towards the end of the conversation James mentions studies, of combat troops in the second world war, which found some 75% of soldiers never fired their weapons at another human, finding the prospect of killing another human too difficult/repellent. If one thinks about media indoctrination: war magazines popular with British and American children in the 50s and 60s, computer games (eg. Call of Duty), TV output and films, all of which normalise killing, one has to wonder how average attitudes (at a personal, immediate level) to killing have changed. Probably not a great deal which is why drones and the very real prospect of autonomous robot weapons are so frightening.

Remote from the reality of war, politicians and generals find it easy to issue orders to kill. Hitherto, humans have probably acted as a friction to death and destruction, as demonstrated by the WWII studies but once you turn war into a video game in which drone operators are insulated from the reality of their actions it becomes a seamless, frictionless process: the order to kill is issued and people die. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes autonomous weapons feasible and no doubt, they already exist. Autonomous, robot machine guns need no direct order to kill - if human activities cross the boundaries of what is allowed within the parameters set as "non-threatening", autonomous robots will kill without question.

Now let's think about context. Induced mass migration into Europe appears to be a deliberate attempt to destabilise nations resistant (to a limited degree) to some of the excesses of the Structural Elite agenda under pressure from populations becoming increasingly sceptical of authority. How do the Structural Elite deal with threats to their power and agenda? Divide, distract and deceive. What better way to create conflict across Europe than mass migration? Already, it is hardening attitudes and hatred of the "other". Civil unrest and conflict is inevitable - cue Blue helmets, drones and autonomous weapons to quell dissent.

To stop this march to destruction and chaos, we must take back the levers of power from the Structural Elite and elevated cattle to work together, people to people, to organise ourselves.

Without centralised power, there would be no wars because humans resist killing other humans - institutional hierarchy is war.

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