TTIP, key to corporate power?

Yesterday, Daily Pickings highlighted how interest lies at the root of corporate environmental destruction and has frequently referred to interest being a primary cause of systemic inequality. So if we're concerned for the environment or are against austerity and inequality, interest should be upfront and centre of our campaigns.

What is the significance of interest when it comes to trade agreements?

As was explained in yesterday's post, corporations make money from money which has been created as debt, by banks, from nothing. Interest is the source of power of the banking dynasties and is a lever of power to exercise control over the political economy to ensure it works increasingly to grow their wealth and power. Using their control of media and academia, banking dynasties obscure the truth of their confidence-trick. Without interest, they couldn't create money out of thin air and charge us usurious interest rates for using it. They rent us our currency.

Trade agreements are negotiated in secret by corporations on one side and governments (or super-governments such as the EU) on the other. Both sides are controlled by the Structural Elite (dominated by banking dynasties) and so any "negotiation" is purely to maintain a charade of democratic oversight for cosmetic purposes.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and other trade agreements (TPP, TiSA and CETA) are weapons of wealth extraction and oppression used against humanity by corporations under the control of the Structural Elite and, predominantly, banking dynasties working through the City of London and central banks.

Campaigns against TTIP, TPP, TiSA and CETA are important but unless we dismantle the power structures which damage the health and vitality of humanity and the environment, such agreements will just keep coming until the ambition of a one world government is achieved. The battle to be fought is for our minds - we're enslaved by our beliefs; until we challenge those beliefs our enslavement is assured.

One of the key economic flaws in the political economy is interest, it underpins financial engineering to make money from money and eliminate competition, creating global quasi-monopolies in banking, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness and many other sectors - leverage (borrowed money at interest) enables companies like Monsanto to buy out their competitors.

Furthermore, interest is the source of the banking dynasties' wealth and power as revealed by Meyer Amschel Rothschild's statement in 1790: “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Interest is one mechanism by which the Structural Elite farm humanity. Money is power and power is money in the political economy.

If we want to stop not just TTIP, TPP,TiSA and CETA but the structure which perpetuates these assaults on humanity and the planet, we have to remove the sources of Structural Elite power, one of which is interest.

Banks will not give up their extraordinary privilege easily and the globalised world is addicted to interest but until it and the other flaws are removed from the political economy, we will be ground ever further into debt servitude. Fragmented protest will not suffice but collective, cooperative action based on a common understanding of the role of interest may save our civilisation from collapse.

Along with interest, we need to explore and remove the other corrosive, destructive elements in our corrupt political economy. Absent these flaws, we will no longer have to compete to survive and can work together openly and cooperatively; a better world awaits.

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