Another bogeyman?

Having taken out Saddam in Iraq and Gaddafi in Libya, US/NATO/Israel moved onto the next bogeyman in the Middle East in 2011, Bashar Assad, president of Syria. However, Wikileaks documents reveal plans afoot to destabilise Syria as far back as 2006.The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), hatched by the Zionist neocon cabal in Washington, had Syria and the Middle East in its sights a decade before.

Assad has been falsely accused of attacking his own people with chemical weapons but like the stories of Kuwaiti babies being hurled from incubators by Iraqi forces or the Libyan army being given Viagra to facilitate rape as part of Gaddafi's war on his own people, evidence indicates this is untrue. Bashar Assad is not the monster he's made out to be.

Listening to Bashar al-Assad by The Saker
I could not forgive him that he tortured on behalf of the CIA in the so-called “rendition” program and that he, or somebody very close to him, had clearly protected the Israelis who murdered Imad Mughniyeh.  All this is to say that I can hardly be accused of being a Assad fanboy.
But now I have to say that I am changing my tune.  Not only because there can be no doubt whatsoever that Assad and his military are currently the only force protecting the Syrian people from the medieval insanity and viciousness of Daesh, but because, frankly, the man impresses me more and more.

US/NATO airstrikes are having little effect on ISIS, the supposed  target, a fact well understood by both Damascus and US intelligence services.

US Airstrikes Are Ineffective, Says Syrian Foreign Minister
The U.S. has been carrying out airstrikes over Syria since last summer, with no coordination with Syrian ground troops or authorization from the government.

This Is the ISIS Intel the U.S. Military Dumbed Down
The intelligence pros said killing certain ISIS leaders might not diminish the group and that airstrikes might not be working. The bosses didn’t like those answers—not at all.

These are banksters wars to destabilise the Middle East and now the consequences are coming to Europe. We were warned by Gaddafi.


0 #2 Clive Menzies 2015-09-24 13:36

Iran should be very wary and remember what they did to Gaddafi after he concluded a deal on nuclear weapons.

Both Washington and Westminster are in Israel's pocket
0 #1 James Walter 2015-09-23 17:58
Netanyahu lied to congress before Iraq war - "There is no question, whatsoever, that Hussain is seeking, advancing to nuclear weapons..." -
The US is controlled by Israel. Therefore, after he tricked the US into the Iraq war, which his brother Jeb said kept Americans safe, the US is pursuing a classic policy of attacking first the weakest, then the stronger, and finally Iran, the strongest. It is also classic Iran that the US pretended to Assad's friend, just like the photos Show of Hussain and him, then turn on him. ISIL was started by and supported by the US. It is also an attack on Europe, which was rising to be an economic power house. Now with the senseless sanctions against both Assad and Russia, the EU has shot itself in the leg and foot. The US-UK hegemony continues. Watch both 13 Days in May and Closed Circuit. The later is so Close to the first WTC bombing where the FBI gave them the Detonators and more, then denied it. 13 days Shows the Military Penchant for war, regardless of how many of its own citizens die or are maimed.

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