Princes of the Yen

Post-war colonisation of Japan by the Structural Elite.

Japan's spectacular rise through export success was followed by dramatic collapse of the domestic economy and is indicative of what lies in store for the US and Europe. Central banks, controlled by the Structural Elite, create bubbles and crises to increase the wealth and power of the Structural Elite on the road to one world government.

The dark art of money - the biggest obstacle to change
At the centre of those wielding this power are banking dynasties which, in the early 20th century, created a privately owned central bank, the US Federal Reserve (Fed), to take control of American money and, consequently, corporations, economics, politics, law, media, education, academia, military and intelligence.

Goldman Sachs is behind the Greek crisis and its alumnus and ECB chairman, Mario Draghi, is following the textbook modus operandi of The Great American Bubble Machine

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