Snake-oil salesmen

Perception is seldom objective but coloured by education, experiences and culture.

In today's sophisticated, technological age it is tempting to feel we are less likely to succumb to superstition or be misled into making the wrong choices than our forebears. The reality, however, is we're more susceptible to manipulation today than ever because the illusion of how the world works is embedded from an early age and constantly reinforced through media, culture and peer pressure. We've been trained from birth to conform and not question authority; those that try to "buck the system" are marginalised, end up in the penal system or dead.

Today's mainstream scoffs at homoeopathy and natural remedies as "quackery" and regards allopathic medicine (pharmaceutical and surgical intervention) as the only legitimate form. Pre-twentieth century, homoeopathy was the default response to illness and injury. But nature's proven remedies are gifts which are difficult to commercialise; thus John D Rockefeller (whose father had been, among other things, a snake-oil salesman) and others colonised medical and academic institutions to legitimise allopathy as the only valid form of medicine and discredit homoeopathy. They control and profit from big pharma, hospitals and medical supplies.

We've bought the "snake-oil" hook, line and sinker.

Through Bilderberg and many other conduits of Structural Elite power, the Rockefellers have shaped mainstream perception to further their ambition for a one world system in which they, and those with whom they collude, are the primary rulers and beneficiaries.

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