Climate engineering is killing us

August 11, a group of geoengineering activists including San Francisco’s intrepid researcher and citizen journalist Patrick Roddie testified before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Patrick went on record about the hard evidence showing the mountains of metal raining down upon us and this Project’s massive environmental fallout.

They don’t have any excuses now. They have been informed. The EPA is now legally bound to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. If they don’t, THEY MAY BE PROSECUTED.

The full hearing is here:

Since atmospheric spraying began in the 1990s, the incidence of Alzheimer's, pulmonary and respiratory disease has accelerated, as have many other conditions related to the ingestion/inhalation of toxic metals and compounds. We are being subjected to poisoning from above while supposedly trying to mitigate a mythical threat. The choice: the certainty of slow poisoning versus the uncertainty of CO2's role in warming the planet.

Media, politicians and the IPCC have lied consistently about the evidence of man-made global warming - so many people are making money and achieving status through the climate change agenda. Groupthink is now the default response, reinforced by sanctions against those to challenge the accepted narrative. The system is corrupting science along with all other institutions.

We can no longer abdicate responsibility to others: politicians, scientists, journalists, bankers, businessmen, generals, NGOs etc. We, the people, need to take an interest in everything and take back control.

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