Killing our future

Children are our future but they play little part in shaping it. The young are conditioned by a stultifying education system which suppresses creativity and individualism. Targets and a narrow curriculum ensure unquestioning compliance - there's little room for individual enquiry into what children/students find interesting - everything is geared to passing tests and exams. All the incentives and penalties are to comply with norms and subscribe to official narratives unquestioningly. The conditioning continues, through media and entertainment, on into adult life.

Those that fail to conform are medicated and increasingly isolated from their peers and society which, in the age of austerity, has no time, money or patience to devote to the vulnerable. The collapse of Kids Company is indicative of how we are failing our children.

Camila Batmanghelidjh to leave Kids Company, citing political 'ugly games'
Campaigner says ‘I am being silenced’ over cuts in government funding for her charity that would leave traumatised children ‘largely unprotected’

Compelling mothers to go out to work rather than nurture their young seems crazy - parenting is far more important than schooling in development. Many of the vulnerable end up in care where other threats and abuses occur. The current focus on "historic" child abuse completely ignores the probability that today, paedophilia and child abuse by the rich and powerful are at least as bad when Heath, Brittan, Savile, Smith and others were preying on the young with impunity from a protected position of privilege.

UK Establishment Closes Ranks as Organised Child Sex Abuse Network Leads Back to No. 10 by Scriptonite
For decades, vulnerable children from care homes and other institutions were booked to order by rich and powerful men, for sex.  This is the allegation put forward in ‘Nightmares at Elm Guest House’, in an interview with Chris Fay of the National Association for Young People in Care.  As another significant member of the Conservative party is about to be outed this weekend, we take a closer look at these allegations and ask: how much longer can the UK establishment keep this story suppressed?

We have failed and continue to fail many young people, all of whom have a meaningful contribution to make to how our future unfolds. By suppressing and stifling their individuality and creativity, we harm not only them but ourselves and our future. Collectively we can thrive but as long as we exclude and marginalise those who wont conform with the abusive political economy, we'll continue to spiral into chaos. The answer lies in liberation of education and giving priority to the young - they are our future.

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