Totalitarian science

From mandatory vaccination to climate change, science is no longer a process of discovery but another weapon of control. The only way you can understand the science behind GMOs, fracking, vaccinations and global warming is to investigate them for yourself; media, academia, corporations and politics aren't giving you the truth. They're all levers of power in the political economy.

Official science: the grand illusion for all robots by Jon Rappoport
“Government science exists because it is a fine weapon to use, in order to force an agenda of control over the population. We aren’t talking about knowledge here. Knowledge is irrelevant. What counts is: ‘How can we fabricate something that looks like the truth?’ I keep pointing this out: we’re dealing with reality builders. In this case, they make their roads and fences out of data, and they massage and invent the data out of thin air to suit their purposes. After all, they also invent money out of thin air.”

EIGHT Alternative Health Practioners have either died or been killed in suspicious circumstances since 19th June 2015 ... and another FIVE are missing. In each case, their death was preceded by a visit from the FDA. Big Pharma will do 'Whatever it takes' to maintain their Revenue Stream ... whilst Governments are keen to accelerate the euthanasia of those who have no further use to the Global Corporatocracy!

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