NGOs as levers of power

Critical Thinking's analysis reveals how the political economy has evolved to benefit the few, enslaving and oppressing the majority of humans while eliminating opposition to the emerging one-world-government. Control of the levers of power allows the Structural Elite to manipulate narratives and events to benefit their interests, often exploiting misdirected sympathies to remove obstacles one by one. Recalcitrant regimes are systematically destroyed and their countries plunged into chaos. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are now in perpetual war. Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Ecuador, Ukraine and Russia are all works-in-progress.

NGOs play a key role in destabilising countries and many are controlled by the Structural Elite. But Russia and other nations are awakening to NED's sinister role in undermining the fabric of their societies.

Why Russia Shut Down NED Fronts By Robert Parry
The neocon-flagship Washington Post fired a propaganda broadside at President Putin for shutting down the Russian activities of the National Endowment for Democracy, but left out key facts like NED’s U.S. government funding, its quasi-CIA role, and its plans for regime change in Moscow.

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