Pay attention!

In a recent report from China Pepe Escobar noted:
In terms of Chinese advantages, keep in mind that the future of the global economy clearly lies in Asia with its record rise in middle-class incomes. In 2009, the Asia-Pacific region had just 18% of the world’s middle class; by 2030, according to the Development Center of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that figure will rise to an astounding 66%. North America and Europe had 54% of the global middle class in 2009; in 2030, it will only be 21%.

Recent events in Baltimore offer a glimpse into what the next 15 years could hold for North America and Europe. What's more, it could be argued that the financial cost of the violence that erupted there following the killing of Freddie Gray is only a fraction of the damaged done by rotten banking practices in preceding years. Lives have been destroyed as banks have acted like thieves, plundering communities and then leaving "Loan Sharks" to finish things off. Locked into cycles of high-interest debt that families simply cannot escape has led to a massive increase in housing foreclosures since 2008.

How Banks Did More Damage to Baltimore than Rioters by Emily Foster

In view of the Corbett Report community's detailed and ongoing research into Private Western Banks and China, it isn't too fanciful to see The New World Order engineering a shift of some kind towards Asia. This shift has nothing to do with nation states and everything to do with a very small percentage of very very rich individuals and corporations that can move their operations to anywhere in the world. As for us the little people, they don't give a damn, we will either be left to survive on the scraps that remain or if we revolt we'll be gotten rid of.

A report from the International Labour Organisation this week stating that only one in four workers worldwide now has a stable job, should compel us to start paying attention to what is going on around us. That is the only way we will be in any position to challenge it. 

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