Distorted world views

Sunday's Daily Pickings referred to John Taylor Gatto who gave up teaching because "he could no longer torture children". Gatto covers a wide range of issues in The Ultimate History Lesson which is packed with valuable references. It is essential listening to gain a better understanding of how education distorts our world view and suppresses creativity and independence of thought.

The interview is conducted by Richard Grove who also introduces the series and describes the relevant resources available to everyone.

Grove took on the US banking establishment in court over fraud and software manipulation; he won but nothing came of it because by the time the case was settled, it was beyond the statute of limitations. His battle for truth continues on a much broader front, education.

Critical Thinking draws together information and analysis from a variety of sources but much of it is "good in parts"; in other words, papers, articles or interviews provide some valuable insights but they are marred by inaccuracies or tribal/ideological messages. However, an increasing number of people and groups "get it". Daily Pickings has referred in the past to the litmus test, specifically 9/11. One can place most reliance on those who are prepared to ask awkward questions and challenge their own beliefs, first and foremost. No subject can be taboo in the search for truth. That is why people like Gatto, Grove and James Corbett are worth listening to. Like Critical Thinking and the Corbett Report, Grove's Tragedy and Hope is an invaluable, opensource, educational and research tool to open our eyes to an alternative, more plausible world view than the one we've been conditioned to accept.

One example of the distortions in our world view are attitudes to the unemployed. We are trained to believe that human dignity is dependent on paid employment, irrespective that the political economy needs fewer workers. The unemployed are systematically humiliated.

Workfare, Forced Labour and the new ‘Business and Community Wardens’ by Pete the Temp
He told me he is on a six month, 30 hour per week Workfare placement. The work is a compulsory condition for receiving his Job Seekers Allowance –  a meagre £240 a month to live off. Of this he has to pay his own travel (£88 a month) to get to and from his  unpaid work. That leaves him a grand total of £152 a month (or £38 a week) for food, bills, and any other services or contingencies needed to maintain his home and his health.

It is important we talk about these issues openly, not by parroting the myths and mêmes of puppet politicians and tame media, but by alerting friends and family to misinformation wherever and whenever it emerges. We can learn the truth together.


0 #1 Janos Abel 2015-08-17 14:54
"They came for the unemployed"
I did not demand unconditional basic income for everyone... I was not unemployed and was earning a fair income.

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