Anti-educational schooling

I see the cattle have been voting for their butcher, is an apt way of looking at last week's airing of the so called democratic process in the UK.

The Tory government are not wasting any time in stepping up their austerity program and a percentage of victims will tragically see this as a necessary measure or all the fault of the immigrants.

This reluctance to resist or even question those who wield the big stick over us is often put down to, stupidity of the masses, a lack of education; however, according to John Taylor Gatto's research, it's the anti-education taught in our schools that makes us dumb and passive:

first 20minutes

Charles Darwin's famous first book (1859) takes a central role in this and becomes clearer when we learn its full title, which chimes eerily with the agenda of all neo-liberal governments; On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of the Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

The story of how schooling, as we know, it developed in the West to protect the "favoured races", tells of putting a structure in place in order to render 95% of the population harmless. Progressing from Plato to Calvin, Spinoza and Fichte we reach Darwin and his relatives Thomas Malthus and Francis Galton, together, they present a religious, libertarian and scientific argument for combating the menace of the free spirited masses.

By 1871 in his book, The Decent of Man, Darwin wasn't holding back in pronouncing that not all humans are evolving; there's a only few, a fraction are evolving. In present day terms, could this be the few that the current and recent governments have protected while punishing those who don't make the grade?

Meanwhile, anti-educational schooling will enforce the status quo, legitimised by claims it's doing the work of nature or the Lord.


0 #1 eddie farrell 2015-05-18 12:22
On 18/05/15 10:18, Steve lancashire wrote:
> ....and lets not forget the great contributions of Paolo Freire and Ivan Illich to this area of debate. Education is another word we need to recapture - I've always assumed, as someone who was well schooled, that it was leading us out from ourselves
Agreed, and A.S.Neill's work at Summerhill. The thing is their work still remains frustratingly on the edges of education and John Taylor Gatto's work is helping to illuminate reasons for this. Just after the 17minute mark in the film he mentions a brief comment from a big shot professor from Colombia Teachers college. John Taylor Gatto, cornered him with the question that he (JTG) could surely not be the first person to join the dots that connect state school education and eugenics etc? The professor’s reply; Not a good way to get tenure

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