Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

Quite often, Critical Thinking leads to awkward truths; information that at first doesn't seem to fit anywhere in the puzzle or if it does it upsets a narrative already laid down. However, once out such information cannot be overlooked and if taken on board will always offer the fuller picture.

The work of professor Anthony Sutton and in particular the short summery he gives in this Youtube clip of how Wall Street funded the Bolshevik Revolution, certainly fits the role of an awkward truth.

His book, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, was published in 1974 and his research presents many unanswered questions:

How did Trotsky, who had supposedly lived the life of a virtual pauper in New York, come to be carrying $10,000 in gold on him when he set off for Russia? And why did Woodrow Wilson and the British Foreign Office allow him to leave the United States and Canada when both knew he was off to lead a revolution in Russia?

And Lenin? How did he pass through Germany in the famously sealed train with the permission and encouragement of the German General Staff?

"Germany and Britain were supposedly fighting each other and yet you get them both moving these key revolutionaries into place inside Russia...and then of course the rest is history, they created a revolution with no more that about 10,000 revolutionaries. They needed assistance from the west and they got assistance from Germany, Britain and the United States, to continue and consolidate the revolution."

Asked why, Anthony Sutton says you wont find this in the text books but he suspects, "it's to bring about a planned controlled world society in which you and I wont find the freedoms to believe and think and do as we believe......."

If we are to entertain any of what Anthony Sutton is saying, and it would be foolish to simply dismiss his many years of studious research, then we have much to reassess. This would include the daunting task of seriously reviewing the last hundred years of political history.

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