Inside or outside? A less obvious apartheid

Following up on films posted this weekend to Daily Pickings, the lightbulb conspiracy and Humans need not apply, is this 10 minutes of thought on Disposable life from Slavoj Zizek.


If capitalism is taken to it's most logical and efficient conclusion, then you'll recognise that anything up to 80% of the current population of the planet will not be needed. And this is what is happening under the global canopy of capitalism right now.

Presently across Europe an apartheid against students and young people is taking place where a huge number of them know in advance that they will be unemployable. The tragedy however, is hard to pinpoint because unlike previous times there is no obvious and clear form of racial distinction going on. Now an invisible distinction exists between those who are either on the inside or the outside.

The great irony for Zizek is that, the Berlin wall came down but we were not suddenly living in a big happy market universe:

No! New walls are emerging and in a way they are much more strict because [if you are on the inside] you are simply not aware of the outside.

Reducing need for human labour is not a threat but an opportunity. We need a different political economy to make the most of it and transform the future. The time for Critical Thinking is now!

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