Imbeciles or vassals?

Antagonising Russia is definitely not in Europe's interest and although one could argue the US military industrial complex has much to gain from a military confrontation, it would not be in the interests of the American people. So while the following article refers to Barak Obama and his henchmen as imbeciles and European leaders such as Angela Merkel as vassals, the reality is the US government too is a vassal of the stateless Structural Elite (SE) and doing their bidding.

Moscow’s Problem: Dealing with Imbeciles and Vassals By Finian Cunningham
Russia is in a dilemma. How can it work through a peaceful settlement over the Ukraine conflict – and avoid a wider, more terrible war – when it is having to communicate with imbeciles and vassals? We are referring to the American and European leaders, respectively.

The technocracy within the European Commission is the driver of European policy, rather than individual government heads. This latest instalment on Bilderberg takes a closer look at the top technocrats of the European Council and the European Commission.

Global Power Project: Bilderberg Group and Europe’s Technocrat Titans by Andrew Gavin Marshall

I previously examined the functions of the Bilderberg meetings; the composition and concentration of financial markets and the Mafiocracy that rules them; the nature of technocracy, and the role of finance ministers, central banks and the IMF in managing the European debt crisis.

We know that concentrated power is corrosive, destructive and abusive and is in danger of plunging the world into economic and social chaos or even nuclear war. We also know that we're all victims of the political economy which systematically drives wealth and power to the few at the top of the pyramid. From Jared Diamond's Collapse and others' study of past civilisations, we know the common factor in the collapse of past civilisations was the concentration of power within a narrow elite who made catastrophic decisions in the face of threats. That's where we currently stand, on the brink of the abyss with the SE urging us to jump.

We have to recover the means to organise horizontally which is where Murray Bookchin comes in. In this three hour video he explains his early devotion to communism and the later realisation that concentration of power in the state was as bad as the concentration of power in capitalism. He goes on to explain the ecological imperative to devolve power and that domination of people and nature are synonymous and equally destructive.


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