Trade agreements such as TTIP. TPP, CETA and TiSA are concerned with removing regulation which provides health, social and environmental protections. EU countries are preparing the ground for these trade agreements with domestic legislation such as the UK's Deregulation Bill.

The EU's giant and secretive deregulation blitz by Linda Kaucher

It is not just TTIP, across the board the EU is bowing to business pressure to do away with 'burdensome' regulation - regulation that tends to save lives, protect consumers and ensure standards.

The terminology used in the deregulation debate such as "removing red tape" implies that regulation is bad but without regulation, corporations would be free to pursue profits without regard to safety or the future of society and our planet. In the US, giant food producers have captured the regulatory system and act with impunity while poisoning consumers and the planet. If TTIP goes through, we can expect the same in Europe.

If you watch the full film, you'll think twice before eating a burger (and many other processed foods) in the US.

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