Renewable energy

In the climate debate, claim and counter-claim of the costs and benefits of renewable energy create confusion and misunderstanding. Irrespective of climate, we need to move away from fossil fuels and find alternative sources of energy. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and they are one of the drivers of wars and environmental destruction.

Do we have the right technologies to substitute for coal, oil and gas? If we use the renewable sources currently on offer, what will be the impact of switching to renewables to meet internationally agreed emissions targets? This guest post on Judith Curry's (climate scientist) blog offers a professional assessment of the impacts and costs of renewable energy from a US perspective.

Myths and realities of renewable energy by Planning Engineer

Power System Planners do not have the expertise or knowledge to say whether or not the benefits of reducing carbon emissions are worth the costs.   However they should be respected as experts for obtaining a better understanding of what the implications and costs of such programs are.

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