Ebola - pandemic or ploy?

A couple of months ago, Daily Pickings highlighted some articles questioning the authenticity of the Ebola health threat. In recent days, stories and hysteria have risen to a level sufficient to provoke panic among the naive or gullible. It remains too early to dismiss an Ebola pandemic as a hoax but information is emerging which raises a number of questions.

1. Origins - While Ebola may have been around for decades or longer, has this particular strain been weaponised for a specific purpose?

2. Scale - Hitherto, the disease has been confined to a handful of West African countries, with the latest alleged death toll reported as 4,000. The "export" of the disease to the USA and Spain via two victims has led to claims that the death toll could reach one million within weeks. Are the 4,000 alleged deaths from Ebola or other causes? Is the figure real?

3. Objective - If the threat is fabricated or exaggerated, for what purpose?

1. Why would the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) patent Ebola? (Note in the first video clip below, a former CDC director, now working for CNN, hyping the threat)

US Patent No: US 20120251502 A1 (H/T)

Former US congresswoman, Cynthia MacKinney, posted this recent history of biological warfare including, the putative swine-flu epidemic, bird-flu, cholera (in Haiti and Sudan) and Ebola.

Is America using biological warfare as a politically useful tool? (H/T)

2. The claims are that the threat of a pandemic is real but are the alleged deaths, on which the predictions are based, genuine?

3. We can only speculate on the objective(s) at this point but there are snippets of information which, when added together, allude to some sinister possibilities.

Mandatory Ebola vaccines on the horizon by Jim Stone (H/T)

When looking at geopolitical issues, it is essential to consider the role and objectives of the ruling clique (RC) whose strategies are developed and implemented through Bilderberg meetings. Now here's an interesting snippet: David Miliband has re-emerged into the limelight in his role of President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a key player in the Ebola scare. While UK Foreign Secretary in 2009, Miliband unexpectedly cancelled official appointments to attend Bilderberg in Berlin. He didn't get the EU job he was slated to pitch for but was that a cover for his ultimate destination, the IRC?

Bilderberger and closed-door meetings: European Union gets medieval with ultra-secret elections By Robert Bridge

What does the ultra-secretive Bilderberger Club, Henry Kissinger, and closed-door meetings made up of anonymous politicians, bankers and industrialists have in common with transparency, democratic procedure and open societies?

Biological warfare is a product of the Political Economy - only by changing the system can we eliminate such threats.


0 #2 Clive Menzies 2014-10-12 12:54
Quoting eddie farrell:
just watched this interview this morning before receiving the CT post - think it contributes well to the subject
Thanks Eddie. A very important interview explaining the impact of corporate power on health services in the UK, Europe and around the world.
0 #1 eddie farrell 2014-10-12 11:12
just watched this interview this morning before receiving the CT post - think it contributes well to the subject

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