About Us

Free University evolved from Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas to promote education as a common good which has value of itself. We believe that freedom to learn and share knowledge is essential for a vibrant society and Free University is dedicated to this aim. Free University is an evolving public institution for critical thinking, creativity and knowledge beyond that sanctioned by the state and the market. Free University welcomes all who show appropriate respect to all other members and is part of a wider national free university network

Critical Thinking is a collaborative, evidence based, research project to produce referenced information to promote wider understanding of the way we are governed, to develop alternative economic and political structures which might serve us and future generations better. The latest snapshot of our progress is the first article on the home page. Daily Pickings is a daily blog bringing together events and issues within the context of our analysis.

We aim to understand the historical context of issues from different perspectives and their current and future impacts on social cohesion, inequality, individual liberty and civilisation as we know it. Critical Thinking aims to formulate a prescription for action to create a freer, fairer world.

In addition to the website and daily newsletter, there is a Critical Thinking group email list which comprises some 40 people who are or who have been involved with Critical Thinking, either attending meetings or online. It is fairly low traffic because most of us a very busy with other activities but it is a good way to share references in the context of our work.

You're welcome to join the regular Critical Thinking meetings which run for 40 weeks of the year from the beginning of January to mid-October. We also have two review meetings in each of November and December. Details of past and forthcoming Critical Thinking Sessions are in the Events section.

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